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Troubleshooting of Nook Apps

Troubleshooting of Nook Apps

Your Nook tablet lets you enjoy in many ways like you can read the nooks books and the e-books along with it you can enjoy many apps and stay connected with everyone. Some apps are in-built apps that come with your tablet and some need to be downloaded. You can download the Nook apps from Nook store. For more information, you can take Nook Support. Once an app is installed in your device you can get the app overview by tapping and holding the icon of app until an on-screen menu pops up. Click on View details option and you can overview the info of installed app.

Unlike other apps, Nook apps may also give you some trouble and you may find it difficult to deal with them. The issues like unable to open the app, slow or freezing, and unable to download. Either you can take Nook Help or you can follow these steps if Nook apps are not working properly:

The process or steps that we are going to tell you will not apply to Google Play Apps. Firstly, try to check these things or take the help of Nook Customer Service:

  • Verify the connectivity of wi-fi.
  • Verify the account payment information of nook is accurate and valid.
  • Then, archive and unarchive the app.

For Nook color/Nook tablet

Follow these steps to archive or unarchive your desired app in your Nook tablet or Nook color or you can take Nook Com Support:

  • On the home screen of the device click on the apps.
  • Now log press the desired app.
  • Now click on the option of archive.
  • Under the option of library, click on My stuff option.
  • Now again long press the app whom you want to unarchive.
  • Click on the option of unarchive.

For Nook HD/Nook HD+

Follow these steps to archive or unarchive your desired app in your Nook tablet or Nook color or you can reach Nook experts at www Nook com:

  • On the home screen and in your Nook library, Nook apps are marked with small green nook logo and is located at the upper right corner.
  • Click on the option of Apps at the home screen of the device.
  • Now long press the app which is giving you trouble and you want to troubleshoot.