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Top 4 Tablets that will substitute all your Gadgets

ipad pro plus tablet help support

In this blog, We are going to discuss the best tablets for Multitasking, Entertainment and Convenient to Save Important Notes.

Google Pixel C:

It is just like your laptop, in this you will find the keyboard attached to the tablet magnetically there is no requirement of cable. The keyboard fixes below the tablet and does not bend with the weight of tablet. You will enjoy the latest OS updates on this android based tablet being a google brand gadget.

Google Pixel C - Tablet Support Help
Google Pixel C – tablet help support

Yoga book by Lenovo:

This is another a refreshing tablet with its keyboard double than the Wacom tablet. There is an extra-ordinary feature that is available in this innovative digital notebook that is: you can place magnetic paper on the keyboard if you love to write in the notebook. All you writing will automatically appear on the screen with the help of detachable magnetic paper. This paper fits perfectly on the keyboard. There is available stylus also for writing on the screen. So it’s not only magic but really an innovative device. Lenovo is known for its laptops and PC market.

Lenovo Yoga Book- tablet help support
Lenovo Yoga Book- tablet help support

Microsoft Surface Pro 4:

Microsoft has developed an intelligent device surface Pro 4 that incorporates laptop functionalities within it. If you want to use pocket size laptop then this is the best alternative for you. The keyboard for this device is to be brought separately. It includes stylus only for entering the notes on the screen. If you attach the magnetic keyboard with it then that is too slim that you can simple fold along the tablet, which will act as a protective cover for device. This device is compact and easy to use and understand. There is no need of special guidance for using it.

microsoft surface pro 4 -tablet help support
Microsoft surface pro 4 -tablet help support

iPad Pro by Apple:

This is an apple product, designed and fabricated by apple itself. This is one of the best device as from the name one can understand. There are available two sizes for purchase. You can purchase either 9.7 inches display model or 12.9 inch larger display version. It depends on your requirement and choice. There is solid stylus available to purchase for the graphic designers if they want to draw something with solid pencil. Otherwise keyboard accessories are available in the market as well as online for both the models.

iPad Pro - tablet help support
iPad Pro – tablet help support

So you can go with any of one out of these 4 models, depending on your need and pocket that how much you can spend for it.

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