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Simple way to Bookmark Pages In Your Ipad Nook App

Simple way to Bookmark Pages In Your Ipad Nook App

How your e-reading is going with the classy handy Nook book/tablet? You can head to count the endless reasons to cherish the device to provide the superlative features and services. There was a time when the device was still looking out to make its place in the market. But, the giant book retailer (Barnes and Noble) make the device to become one of the key players in the e-reading devices. As you know that having a B&N device means that you have got the access to the diverse range of books in the Nook library. This is the reason that the device made its fan base across the different countries. Till now, with the diverse versions, the device still manages to add a decent fan base of e-readers in its list. All the new users who want to kick start their e-reading experience, they can head to www Nook com Account to access the diverse range of books.

If you got iPad on your side, then it would be great to access the nook app in a fascinating way. As accessing the nook app on iPad provides the best experience of reading the unique collection of books in a unique way. So, if you are accessing any book from nook app on your iPad, then you can also bookmark the pages of your nook book. The feature of bookmark actually helps you to mark the pages from where you want to continue or some important pages which carry important information. With Nook support, you can manage your Nook book in an efficient way.

Creating the Bookmark

  1. Click the Nook app icon and unlock the app. The app actually features a gray and white background with an “n”.
  2. Tap the book cover which you want to read in the app on your iPad.
  3. Click the upper right corner option to bookmark the page in the book. The indication of the corner folding slightly to a successfully bookmarked page. If you fail with the bookmarking, you can head to Nook Customer Service to get the quick solutions.

Witness the Bookmarked pages

  1. Unlock the book, in which you bookmarked a page.
  2. Click one of the page numbers at the center of the book pages and unlock the settings menu.
  3. Click “Bookmark”, which will bring you a list of bookmarks you have created for the title.
  4. Just click one of the bookmarks in the list to go to that page specifically. If you counter any kind of issue, then you can head to Nook Help to get the expert assistance and solutions.