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PBS Playtime Pad – A Tablet Made For Kids

PBS Playtime Pad - Tablet help Support

The PBS has disclosed a new strategy to put in front its children’s TV programming to the young audiences as well. The reason for doing this is simple, young people spend more time accessing tablets than sitting on the couch and watching shows on TV. PBS is launching its own tablet by the name of Playtime Pad. This tablet will have games, videos, music videos and a lot more, which they play on PBS Kids’ entertainment. The tablet is getting made by Ematic, which is a renowned name in the world of technology. There will be a whole suite of mobile apps in the tablet such as PBS Parents Play and Learn, PBS Kids Scratch Junior and PBS Kids Videos.

PBS Playtime Pad - Tablet help support
PBS Playtime Pad – Tablet help support

There will be more than 25 games pre-installed on the tablet, which will include ‘Paint Box’ application, which is used for coloring and more than 100 video clips, music videos and songs.

Talking about the specifications of the device, then it will have a 1.3 Quad-Core processor, 16 GB of RAM, a display size of 1024×600 and screen size of 7 inches. It will run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The device has cameras on both, front and backside. There will be a slot for microSD card and USB connection as well. When it comes to the memory, then this device has 16GB of flash memory.

For parents, there will be parental controls added into the device, which are also quite easy to use. Parental controls will allow parents to block content that is not made for kids. Moreover, daily internet usage can also be restricted. With so many apps in the offing, parental controls will prove very useful.

PBS Playtime Pad - A Tablet Made For Kids
PBS Playtime Pad – A Tablet Made For Kids

The price of Playtime Pad is $79.99, which is quite cheap when compared with other tablets for kids. Though, the advantages of this tablet are still obscure. Instead of the device getting the updates, the PBS apps will be updated, which is something weird about this device.

The USP of this tablet will be the features, which are perfect for younger kids. They will enjoy accessing apps and features that this tablet has in the offing. All the apps will be PBS supported, which is a big advantage. Now, coming to the question of where to buy this tablet from? Well, it is available on as well as on, so people can get it from these two sites.

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