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How to Manage your Library and Build Shelves in your Library in Your Nook Tablet?

How to Manage your Library and Build Shelves in your Library in Your Nook Tablet

The library is a place where you keep on your Nook tablet all your personal files, magazines, newspapers, and your personal documents. The library is all inclusive while the individual panels for magazines, newspaper, and books hold only files the system recognizes as fitting that description. To some extent actually you can tell a book by its cover on the nook tablet, but not so much about what is inside the book, but a great deal about its status or stature in your collection. Nook Support can be taken for any kind of information.

  • New: Freshly downloaded and ready to be opened books are here. This badge goes away after the first time of opening od the document.
  • Sample: a free sample of a book or other publication.
  • Download: A publication that is either downloading or is waiting to be downloaded from
  • Pre-order: A title been announced is for sale, but is not available for downloading yet. If you buy it, the publication or book will arrive at the first opportune moment.
  • Recommended: A contact or friend has suggested that you check out tis title.
  • Lend Me: A book that you can lend or loan to someone.
  • Lent: A book that you are borrowing will be here. The badge will also indicate that the number of days remaining on the loan. When a book is loaned out, then the original owner of the book cannot open it.

Any search that you will start from your library is done there only. If you will start from home screen, then the search will expand and even load the B&N store if it will not be able to find the title that you want already on your tablet. For accessing the search tool, click on the ∩ button for displaying the quick navigation bar. Then click on search button. For any kind of information, you can take Nook Help.

Building Shelves in Library

You can build your own shelves and separate them as you see fit to organize your collection. When your Nook tablet arrives, it comes with just one shelf of favorites. But more shelves can be added for holding your vast collection of books, magazines, and more things.

Creating a Shelf on your Nook Tablet Library

You can create any shelf that you want and call it anything that you would like. For creating a shelf follow these steps or you can also take Nook Com Support:

  • In my library click on My Stuff option.
  • After that click on create a new shelf option.
  • Type a name for the shelf.
  • Clock on Submit.

Adding items to your Shelf

Now you need to move things to your shelf that you have created. Follow these steps for adding item to your shelf or you can also take help of Nook Customer Service:

  • Highlight a book in the list of items in your library.
  • Click on Shelves option.
  • Click Place on or Remove from Shelf.
  • Click on a shelf.
  • You can also rename any shelf by tapping on the option of Rename a shelf on the touchscreen. For removing a shelf, click on remove a shelf > OK for confirming.

For any kind of information or in case of any query or difficulty, you can navigate to www Nook com.