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How Can You Transfer PDF Files To The Amazon Kindle Device?

Transfer PDF Files To The Amazon Kindle Device
Transfer PDF Files To The Amazon Kindle Device

Many of us don’t know that should we get PDF files on our Kindle or not. The answer to this is definitely yes. You can email PDF files to the Kindle. E-books present online are mainly in PDF format and these are to be required by the users in their Kindle device. In this blog post, we will discuss that how you can email PDF files to the Kindle for comfortable and hassle free reading. No doubt, Kindle support PDF format not directly but with the help of personal documents service that is offered by Kindle. So this is quick help for those who want to get PDF files on their Kindle device. Try the steps that are mentioned below.

Transfer PDF Files To The Amazon Kindle Device | kindle support
Transfer PDF Files To The Amazon Kindle Device | kindle support

There is a program or software called Win2PDF, which provides a tool to pile up the documents onto Kindle device by mailing directly to the Kindle. There is no requirement of any other medium. This software is getting popular these days as it is simpler and easiest way to access the PDF files through Kindle. You need special permission from Amazon for availing this service. The steps to enable the email address are discussed below. You can take help from www Kindle com support in case of jeopardy.

  1. Step to Personal document settings from the Kindle device.
  2. Check out for the advanced option where ‘approved personal file Email list’ is written. Click on it.
  3. Add email address in the relevant box.
  4. Move to ‘send-to-Kindle email setting’. Search for the address that you have entered earlier. This email address work as a platform for sending PDF files.
  5. There is need to configure the personal settings at Amazon as well. You will able to receive the PDF files only after enabling the settings on Amazon. The email address should be correctly entered in the recipient column, lest you will not receive the mail.

There is one more thing that I want to bring to your kind notice that Amazon charging a certain fees for it. You must accept the conditions first. These are different for different models.

  1. If the Kindle is without 3G data option then the only way to receive the mail is through Wi-Fi network. You have to connect to the Wi-Fi network for receiving the PDF files.
  2. If the Kindle is with both 3G and Wi-Fi network then you can receive on any network and anytime. But if you are connected to the Wi-Fi then you must specify ‘free’ in the email address in order to avoid any additional fees. Under this case you will not receive files through 3G network.

If there is still an issue in sending the mail then you can take assistance from Kindle com support. All the issues will be fixed by the supporter accurately. The company service providers are pleased to help you anytime. They have good sense of respect for their users.