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How can an email be set manually on a Nook tablet?

How can an email be set manually on a Nook tablet?

How are you doing with your fine Nook?  Well, there are many reasons to count on the adoring Nook device for providing the satisfactory e-reading experience to all the potential users.  With the astounding features and dazzling services, Nook has proved to be one of the decent competitors in the market. Its ultimate range of devices has also played a key role to grab the eyeballs of the potential users across worldwide.

After being disappeared for a long time on the market, the tablet strikes the market with the launch of Nook tablet 7. Besides all the hype about coming back of the device, the new version of the tablet gets stuck in the limelight for the problematic reason of faulty adapters, which was claimed that the issue has been fixed and the new version has again started to roll out online and offline.

Still, Barnes and Noble has managed a fair percentage of readers with the other versions of the tablet. And with your particular version, you must be enjoying the privilege of reading the dynamic collection of eBooks under nook library by heading to your nook account. And in order to have a fine nook account, you require a correct email address, which can be easily set on your version of the tablet. So, let’s head to all the manual steps which can make you set up your email address in an easy way.

  1. Firstly, head on to press the nook button to show the quick nav bar and then click apps.
  2. Now head to the app’s window, and then click Email.
  3. After that, you will be taken to the inbox. If you haven’t headed the Email app yet, you will be taken to the screen where you can easily set it up.
  4. Now you need to enter the correct address to set the email account.
  5. Now, simply type the password for the fine account.
  6. Click the check box option in order from sending the email from this account by default (Optional).
  7. Click the Manual Settings and then the server settings will get unlocked.
  8. Now you need to choose a type of account, like IMAP and then click OK.
  9. After that, you need to type the name of the IMAP server.
  10. There are some systems which actually requires extra security or just access the non-standard port. Now just leave the settings unchanged and click Next.
  11. If the Nook tablet link with the email provider, it will display you another setup screen.
  12. Type the name of the SMTP server, if you get any kind of prompt.
  13. If all goes according to the process, you will witness the final page.
  14. After that just head on to create a time selection.
  15. This is the way the tablet will simply check out the new email.
  16. Now just indicate whether you are willing to hear the sound of getting a new mail or not.
  17. Click Next and then click Done.