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Here is the easy way to transfer and viewing all your files on Nook Color

Here is the easy way to transfer and viewing all your files on Nook Color

How are you doing with your fine Nook tablet? If you are one of the fine users of Nook color, then you definitely would have experienced the amazing features and amusing services of the color version of nook tablet. Its unique collection of books under different titles has actually become the main reason to make the e-reading tablet as one of the major players in the market. And with its classic versions of the tablet, the Barnes and Noble device has managed to grab a fair fan base across the global boundaries.

After getting faded from the competitive market, Barnes and Noble bounce back with their latest version of Nook tablet 7. But, due to the faulty charger issue, the fine tablet has to pull out 147k chargers from the market. Meanwhile, it has been reported that the issue has been resolved and the tablet has already been rolled out to the online and offline stores. Apart from the latest version, Nook tablet has still managed to maintain its place with its other versions. And from the list of different versions, if you have got the Nook color on your side, then you must be having satisfactory reading experience. The color version of the Nook tablet which is actually one of the better performers in the market. Well, apart from accessing the ultimate range of Nook eBooks, you can also simply transfer and view all your media files on the color version. This is the reason we are here with the fine way to transfer and viewing all files in an easy way. Being a new starter of the tablet, you can simply head to www Nook com Account to setup your Nook account on your color version.

Where to view

  • The first thing which you need to do is to click on the library from the Quick Nav bar.
  • After doing this, simply click on “My Stuff” and then click “My files”. You will counter many files in “My files” folder to store all kinds of files. You can also access the files through My Media app, which you can found under the App Still, if you get any kind of issue with the tablet, you can reach out to Nook Help for better solutions.

Transferring the files

Simply, link your Nook Color to the computer and then transfer the files easily. You just need to copy all the selected files to your Nook color folder. In case if you get any kind of tech bug while connecting the device to your computer, then just navigate to Nook Com Support to get the fine assistance and solutions.