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Do Barnes and Noble will roll out a new Nook E-reader?

Do Barnes and Noble will roll out a new Nook E-reader

How are you doing with your Nook version? Since the launch, Barnes and Noble embarked its fair position in the competitive market. After the initial startup and some fine percentage of the global audience, Nook tablet loses its goodwill and credibility due to the bunch of issues, which ultimately results in the fading of the company’s tablet from the market.

Well, the company tends out to release a brand new e-reader once in every two years and the last device that they actually released was in the year of 2015, which is still getting marketed in the market today. The amazing Nook Glowlight plus is actually a solid waterproof digital reader which has got a solid front-lit display and bunch of few software features, which is not easily found on any particular device in the market. Well, I personally believe that the company should release a new e-reader in the year, 2017 and even there are some of the attention seeking features that would make it a must purchasing device.

Besides this, Nook audiobook is a fine initiative which was launched in the year 2014. At that time, the company outsources its wide collection of all the indie titles and bestsellers from Findaway. Findaway is actually the audio title’s distributor and they control the fine collection of Tune In Radio, Baker and Tylor, Scribd, and many others. It always sounds interesting that B&N literally invest a bunch of money to simply get their amazing audio platform off the ground, but packaged the app with the range of Samsung tablets or even with the newly arrive Nook Tablet 7($50). They presume that all the users are pretty aware of it and they can download the app simply from the Google Play store. According to me, the new Nook e-reader should have a fine 3.5mm headphone jack and as all the devices run on Android, it should also have an e-ink friendly version for all the Nook audiobooks app packaged on the fine e-reader. Audiobooks have actually become the top growing segment in the publishing and are still generating a billion dollar in the US. This is actually the market which Barnes and Noble can’t ignore if they wish to cover up the Nook losses.

It is also recommended that B&N should also come up with a larger screen than six inches. There has been a time when the company comes up with six-inch readers, which resulted in the abandon of the brand or shifting to the old Nook e-readers. If you look around, there has been a famished demand of the brand new Kobo Aura One and the bunch of other e-readers of 13.3 inch. People are so love-struck with the large screen that they are still using up the Kindle DX, which is quite traditional according to today’s standard. If B&N would come up with a seven or eight-inch e-ink screen, then the company could be quite good in selling numbers. Eventually, it would give the people a fine reason to shift from the old one to the new one.

B&N could bring up with a new e-reader release in the year 2017. Well, the important question is that what kind of new hardware features would you wish to have and what the company can do to come up with a stand-out device in the US crowded market?.