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Discover the Front Panel Of Your Nook Tablet

Discover the Front Panel Of Your Nook Tablet

Nook tablet lets you read the e-books of your choice along with the kindle books, magazines, periodicals, newspapers and much more. Besides reading, you can use it as a normal tablet like for gaming etc. today we have come up with a small guide that will let you know about the front of your Nook tablet along with its features and main uses. In case of any information, you can take Nook Support.

The front of your Nook tablet is home to just three items of note. Two of them are very important and one is strictly for eccentricity and jocularity. In case of any query, Nook Help can be taken easily. These three items are:

  • Vivid View Color Touchscreen
  • The Home button
  • The Nook notch strictly for whimsy

Vivid View Color Touchscreen on the Nook Tablet

Barnes & Noble calls the technology for its color touchscreen Vivid View. It means that they feel the tablet offers a view that’s quite vivid obviously, and in that case, they are correct as well.

There are few other details that are worth noting. The screen employs something called in-plane switching. IPS is an important version of the LCD that offers wider viewing perspectives and better color imitation as compared to earlier designs. The Nook laminates the display to the surface of the touchscreen which reduces glare and reflection. The touchscreen uses capacitive sensing it means that it can detect the precise location of your touch as your finger disrupts the electrostatic field of the display. To know more about this touchscreen, you can take Nook Com Support.

Home Button of Nook Tablet

The home button of your Nook tablet comes marked with Nook symbol, which looks like n. if your Nook tablet is in sleep mode, along with its screen turned off, will save the battery and reduce the battery use. The screen is also locked so that accidental touches don’t perform actions. For waking up the device, you need to touch the Home button and turn on the screen. If the screen is already awake, touching the button takes you back to the Home screen. If you have told the system that a password will be required to reawake or start the device, then you will need to enter the secret four-digit code. Once you do that, the Nook tablet returns to that screen on which were initially before it went to dreamland.

Nook Notch

The Nook tablet, has a cute little open notch in the lower left corner like as Nook color has. It looks for all the world like a place to hang something. The designers who worked with Barnes & Noble wanted to make their reader should be immediately recognizable from the across the room and this was the artistic element that they came up with. You might end up damaging the screen of your Nook tablet if you try to hook your Nook tablet with Nook notch. For more information you can navigate to www Nook com.